Home Goodness Taste in Every Bite!
Sunrise stands for the home baked quality that has stood the test of time. Even today, the home style appeal is preserved by hand-making some of the pastry tarts or manually applying toppings and icing to baked goods.

Sunrise takes care to produce baked goods that are peanut and peanut oil free, in a peanut-free environment. And long ago animal fats were replaced with vegetable oils so Sunrise products can be enjoyed by Muslims. Today, most Sunrise products are trans fat free.

Fresh natural ingredients such as fresh carrots, zucchini, fruits, dairy, honey and eggs are used whenever possible.

Sunrise Bakery items are shipped vast distances without losing freshness. Newly baked, they are frozen to and maintained at minus 18 degrees Celsius, the optimum temperature to diminish the transfer of moisture out of the product, so freshness is locked in. After being thawed, they can be enjoyed for 7 to 10 days. Most likely you'll find they disappear much sooner than that!

More than 7 million cake donuts were baked and distributed by Sunrise Bakery in 2007, not to mention the many other tasty products, testimony to the brand's quality and oh so good taste.

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