Heritage Angus Beef
Prairie Heritage Beef Producers believe that the way plants, animals and people relate in a healthy, sustainable environment is crucial to the health and wellness of the world we all share. And each one of them believes that to bring great food to the table, you've got to start at the ranch and manage quality each step of the way.

Caring, thoughtful stewardship of our land and cattle is a responsibility taken seriously.

As part of the commitment to growing cattle in harmony and balance with nature, Prairie Heritage Beef Producers have chosen to raise cattle the "old fashioned way" - without the use of hormones, antibiotics, and/or any animal by-products. Native and tame pastures on land unsuitable for most crops are utilized. By managing the land and animals in this way, Prairie Heritage Beef Producers' livestock is raised and marketed in a sustainable manner with great care of and respect for customers, communities and the lands which sustain them.

The effort pays off. As a result of these strategies and practices, Premium Natural Angus Beef has greater tenderness, better flavor and improved texture. You can take our word for it, or try it yourself. We know you'll soon agree.

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