Melt In Your Mouth...
From the Canadian prairies comes a melt-in-your mouth red meat brimming with quality, subtle flavor and exceptional tenderness.

Buffalo meat is not gamey, and since it is dense, smaller portions are appropriate. You can use almost any of your favorite beef recipies when preparing buffalo.

Bison cooks more quickly than other red meats since there is no fat or marbling. Bison meat is naturally flavorful and healthy, in fact if you didn't know, you would think you were eating the most flavorful Beef steak or burger you have ever had. Bison meat has a rich, beef-like taste. Being lower in cholesterol and calories yet higher in iron and protein makes buffalo a perfect choice for the health-conscious, or those on restricted red meat diets. In fact, buffalo has less cholesterol than chicken with the skin removed or even most fish!

All Canadian Rangeland Bison products are hormone and antibiotic free. We guarantee quality, consistency and traceability in an open market.

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