Canadian Rangeland Elk - Exotic by nature
Elk is big game which makes it an exotic alternative to beef or other domestic meats.

Elk on the menu will attract the attention of any adventurous diner, at home, at your favorite restaurant or on the barbeque. With elk, you'll be assured exceptional flavor, excellent quality and above all great health benefits.

Here's why. Elk is a naturally lean alternative to mainstream meats, very low in fat and cholesterol. Our animals are raised in natural free-range environments without the use of growth hormones or growth stimulants. There are no low level antibiotics, no hormones, no drug residues and no preservatives in Canadian Rangeland Elk meat. Compared to other meats, Elk provides more protein nutrients, yet fewer calories from fat. Individual cuts of Elk appear identical to beef except for the rich color, indicative of a richness of iron and no fat marbling.

Elk is easy to prepare. Like bison, it is ideally cooked rare or medium, with no added fat required, and for a shorter time and at a lower temperature than other meats. Simply let it cook in its own juices! For a welcome change, and a great addition to your menu, try Canadian Rangeland Elk.

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