Prairie Heritage Beef - A Story of Pride and Partnerships
In the late 1800's Canada's first prairie immigrants settled the land. The early years were difficult, to say the least. Farming tools were primitive compared to today's innovations. The winters were harsh and transportation when available at all, often consisted of a horse and buggy. Yet these hardy folks persevered and triumped over many adverse conditions. Their stories serve as a symbol of strength to those who have followed in their footsteps.

Canada's farm families are special folks. Many of them are descendants of valiant prairie settlers, still living and working on the land claimed by grandfathers and great grandfathers a hundred years or more ago.

For generations, these people have earned their living by growing crops and tending herds of animals. It's no wonder there's a lot of family pride on the prairies.

This family pride, along with a firm belief in old-fashioned farming methods, a deep commitment to environmental stewardship and the goal of generating fair returns for agriculture, are the foundation of the Prairie Heritage Beef Producers. Their values are common in rural Canada: old fashioned honesty, integrity, trustworthiness and respect. The importance of relationships cannot be overstated.

This partnership of positive, like-minded ranchers is commited to making ranching not only sustainable for the environment but also for the families that make their living from these bio-diverse lands. They embrace the idea of multi-generational ranches that have pride and honor in producing quality beef that you can trust and savor.

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