Introducing Canadian Rangeland Bison -
the very best of what nature has to offer!

The mighty buffalo has earned its place in the history of the Canadian prairies. Long before the European settlers arrived, unbelievably huge herds of buffalo roamed this land. Canada's indigenous peoples knew the value of this animal for its meat and bi-products.

Today, consumer's tastes are becoming more sophisticated and adventuresome worldwide. Our Canadian Rangeland products will surely satisfy that palate by bringing North America's "original red meat" to fine dining tables across the region. Call it Bison, call it Buffalo - either name is correct, and whatever you call it, bison is very similar to beef in flavour, but with a richer taste.

Canadian Rangeland bison are raised in Alberta by members of the Canadian Rangeland Producers. These ranchers are fascinated by these big burly animals. More importantly, they understand the business of big game and the individuals involved in the partnership have been carefully selected for their superior animal husbandry skills and their stated commitment to quality.

All Canadian Rangeland bison are raised to strict protocols for animal health and ethical care.

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