Premium Natural Elk Meat
Like the buffalo, the majestic elk, the largest of the red deer species, once inhabited the Canadian landscape in huge herds. European settlers soon recognized the value of the elk for meat as well as prized hides and antlers. Close to extinction in the late 1800's, today the wild herds have increased in numbers and domestic elk farming has become a viable agricultural business.

Elk meat, also known as venison, is becoming increasingly sought after around the world due to its delicious taste and lower fat content than beef. It is considered to be mildly gamy in flavor.

Canadian Rangeland Elk are raised in Alberta, by producers who are committed to ensuring their farming practices minimize environmental impact. Elk producers care about these animals, proactively leading, researching and improving management and health care strategies. And of critical importance to you, the consumer, is their attention to the processes from the farm to your table - developed and carefully followed to ensure food safety. All Canadian Rangeland Elk products are processed, formulated, packaged and labeled using protocols that promote quality and consistency.

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