Prairie Halal Foods offers for your fine dining pleasure, a collection of exceptional food products from the prairies of Canada.

Mouth-watering Taste
Speaking of delicious, once you try our premium natural angus beef, bison and elk meat, and our gourmet bakery items and premium honey products you'll see why we want to share these delicacies with the world.

Prepared to strict Halal standards and easily adapted to UAE menus, these food products will leave you wanting more. You can count on impressive reviews.

Click on each of the foods in the list below for more detailed information and a product list.

...and other products coming soon!

Carefully Prepared to Halal Standards
Prairie Halal Foods member producers adhere to a strict Halal procedure on all products. Our Halal requirements are not only limited to the materials and ingredients used, but also include all aspects of preparation, processing, packaging, distribution and all related processes. We understand that with Halal food, cleanliness and hygiene are very closely related to food safety.

Our protocol is based on guidelines provided by various agencies including the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Malaysian Standards for Halal Food Production, Preparation, Handling and Storage, and the requirements for intra-ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) trade in Halal food.

Contact us for further information about our Halal standards.